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allison, better known as boxy. twenty-something. white. able-bodied, allistic, non-nt. assigned female, female presenting. asexual gyneromantic.

this blog has a lot of teen wolf and feminism on the occasion i'm around, but probably even more random crap.

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Boxy: ugh, I need to wash my hair.
Todd: I washed my hair this afternoon. that's why it looks so good.
Boxy: I thought it looked so good 'cause it was on you.
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this is the greatest breaking bad video ever and it’s not even 10 seconds long

todd wants me to kill a cricket because it’s chirping


Is a tragedy, if only because it puts an undue financial burden on a segment of the population which has no choice in the matter. The average person who has a period menstruates about forty years without choice but there is no help in this department, whereas Viagra can be covered by Medicaid. Sanitary products shouldn't necessarily be free, but they should be made at least affordable. 'Rant' done! Sorry it was so long.


!!!!!! totally agree

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Hey Boxemina! What's on your blacklist these day's?

so many things, hb nonnie. so many things.

Food stamps cover food because it's a 'basic need' - aka you need food to live - as well as seeds for growing food. So I understand why they don't cover sanitary products. HOWEVER, food stamps also cover soda pop and candy (not a basic need, but a consumable) as of the FNA 2008, so I don't see why there are no stable programs intended to help with the specific expense of sanitary needs. I don't think they should be free - we need toilet paper, we still pay - but the fact there is NO STABLE HELP…


:((((((((( [3 hour long sigh] thank you for the clarification!

If you hate Sterek so much, what is your OTP?

So many of my asks are just blacklisted the fuck out.

But, to answer your question, April/Andy is the OTP if I had to choose only one.



opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples

everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant 

But all you ever see are men’s

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