• easter takes its name from the germanic goddess êostre because there were festivals in the spring in her honor but in order to convert european pagans the christians took the festival and its customs and rededicated them to jesus so let’s take it back and make easter about feminine power and fertility and maternity just like it was originally intended


"I’m gonna miss the crew and cast the most. I love them." - Crystal Reed

'Couldn't wait, missed u'


let’s hear it for captain america

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I was born with silver between my teeth. (x)

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  1. I can make a pretty damn good cupcake.
  2. I’m hella funny.
  3. I try to help people whenever possible.
  4. I’m remarkably good at staying calm when everyone else is freaking out, usually.
  5. I can be endlessly patient when I have the desire to be so.

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My thing on the emotional tether thing is that they didn't have any choice of emotional tether for Stiles EXCEPT Lydia. The only relationships Stiles is shown to have trust in are with Scott and his father, and neither could anchor him there for obvious reasons. Lydia and Allison, not even being shippy, made more sense than Stiles/Lydia AND Allison/Isaac. But there were no other options for Stiles, so.


that’s the way i’ve always looked at it. stiles didn’t really have a relationship with deaton beyond scott’s boss and he and isaac had a pretty combative relationship. at that point, i think the only people stiles trusted or had a connection with would be scott, his father, lydia, and maybe derek (and to a lesser extent i’d say allison). the only person available to be his tether was lydia. it was easy to have deaton be with scott, as he was a mentor and a bit of a father figure; allison and isaac were in the beginnings of a romantic relationship. i /can’t/ interpret the scene as stydia because it wasn’t either of their choice - certainly not lydia’s - to be the other’s tether. lydia and allison were both under the impression that they would be each other’s, and lydia even moves toward her. and tbh i think that seeing that scene as a “major stydia scene” is sort of discrediting stydia and the scenes they have where they actively seek each other out rather than sort of being forced together.

that’s a really good point re: discrediting stydia. i don’t know that i’d definitely use ‘discrediting’, but i think using this scene as support of stydia does a disservice to the ship in that it’s been used to overshadow some more under-rated moments that had a lot more depth and choice to them from both parties.

neither of them looks like they expected one another as tether; neither of them looks happy about it, despite stiles being ostensibly ‘in love’ with lydia. deaton made that choice and i don’t know why in the slightest, but if it doesn’t come back as chekhov’s something, i’ll count it as lazy writing, y’know?

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Linden Ashby, answering the question, “If you could say one thing to your character on the show, what would it be?” (BiteCon 2014)
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